We provide design, strategy,  master planning, golf course architecture, project management, operational guidance, sales and marketing, real estate development and construction services that bring resources and integrated solutions to our clients’ projects.

Nickels Group is led by Jill and Doug Nickels who bring strategic thinking to projects of any scale, all the while balancing business objectives with creative energy.

Jill is a successful strategist who delivers unique brand and retail experiences. She is a frequent speaker on the ever-changing retail landscape, Jill brings trends and best practices to connect questions with commercial outcomes. Whether the goal is to grow, consolidate, innovate, or pivot; Jill has a proven track record of unique and successful brand and retail experiences.

Doug is a licensed landscape architect and licensed general engineering contractor in California. He has led all aspects of a multi-disciplinary project including design, project management, construction supervision, and general contracting projects throughout USA and Asia. From resort development to renovation, Doug has strategically brought resources together for timely, on budget, project success.

We view challenges through the lens of design and clients agree the qualities that make Nickels Group so well suited to lead transformation is our ability to:

  • See the untapped potential of her clients’ brands
  • Outline a vision and lead the strategic brand alignment
  • Inspire teams to work together toward a shared objective
  • Challenge the status quo with confidence and assurance


Jill’s approach means having structure, goals, objectives, and timelines for all of those involved to work from a common playbook. Her most understated but important attribute is positive attitude. That thread permeates every aspect of her work and engages others to involve themselves at higher levels and with more commitment.
A dynamic and thoughtful leader!!


Executive Vice President, PriceSmart, Inc.